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Ask the Owl City band questions! Your questions will be answered with stupid drawings and witty answers.
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Do you ever regret drawing something

dude. with this blog all i feel is regret


i love soda pop! gimme some yummy soda pop!!! 

but seriously, i’ve been very busy with school work and other drawing projects the last months which has lead to me neglecting this blog a little. hopefully you all can forgive me!!

▷ a little psa for the askowlcity followers

I have some information for you guys. Due to the fact that Daniel Jorgensen is no longer a part of Owl City, he will no longer be included in this Ask Owl City blog. There will no longer be opportunities to ask him questions, and all previously recieved asks about him will remain unanswered.

However! We have a new man on board to replace him!

The incredibly awesome Jasper! He’s been a bit neglected in the past history of this blog, but will now be a part of the wonderful Owl City trio you can ask questions! 

So, if you’ve got a question for Jasper (or Adam or Breanne), just leave them in the ask box! 〜(^∇^〜)

preferably nothing